Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Fri, November 27, 2020

The relationship between managers and their direct reports has undergone severe stress testing during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, according to a Career Builder survey, 58% of managers have never received training in people management. In turn, HR leaders should not expect that managers are well equipped to support remote employees. 

So, what do managers need to do differently to engage remote workers? Some of the answers can be found below in the four tips:

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Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, August 19, 2020

Providing remote workers with the technology they need to be productive is vital. However, a far greater challenge exists in addressing the emotional needs and interactive routines of employees who work from home.

Our latest Trendicators Best Practices Report, Rethinking Remote Work, explores imperatives for optimizing your company’s bounce-back. Much uncertainty still exists regarding the timing for the release of a successful anti-virus vaccine and the speed with which the economy will recover. Yet, this much is certain: tens of millions of employees will continue to work from home beyond year’s end, and a significant percentage hope to continue working remotely after the crisis subsides.

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Posted by Nikki Morrison on Fri, August 23, 2019

By now it’s widely known that flexible work options, including the ability to work remotely, are near the top of today’s job seekers’ wish lists. Our own survey report on The Remote Workforce found that nearly 75% of millennials have expressed a desire to have more opportunities to work remotely. The shifting dynamic of where employees are clocking in from brings with it an increased focus on how to keep all workers, regardless of location, engaged and feeling valued.

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Posted by Melissa Meunier on Fri, December 21, 2018

Did you know that 43% of employees work from home at least some of the time? And that doesn’t include contingent workers or freelancers who contribute to your team as independent contractors. Many people view flexibility in work arrangements as a desirable perk, but how engaged are remote workers with the organization? 

In our recently released
Trendicators Report on Remote Workers, our research suggests that along with the appeal of setting their own hours and working from anywhere, remote workers do face challenges like feeling satisfied with the organization and receiving clear communication. However, their attitudes and perceptions compared to those employees who don’t work remotely reflect a more engaged group, overall.

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