Posted by Tamika Figaro on Thu, May 19, 2022

In our last conversation session, I had a chance to speak with Darren Findley, president of recruitment solutions, to discuss the latest updates of the labor market. During the session, we discovered what recruiters are seeing in candidates’ expectations and how employers can improve the hiring process.  

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Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, May 11, 2022

An unfortunate consequence of today’s social media-influenced, click-driven news environment is that facts often take a back seat to the truth. A recent survey of 25,000 journalists at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism revealed that 94.3% of respondents blamed social media for spreading inaccurate news.

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Posted by Roy Saunderson on Fri, April 29, 2022


Leaders guide the way in most organizations, and hitching your recognition initiatives to your leaders can be a powerful influencer.

However, it would be helpful if you provided a lot of education, communication and preparation for your leaders first. Did you know that 70% of managers have either received no people-management training or their training was capped at four hours?

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Posted by Roy Saunderson on Fri, April 8, 2022

Are you starting a new management or leadership position? When I first started working as a manager three decades ago, I remember that there were many tasks to perform and little instruction on how to lead, engage and recognize my staff.

Over the years I have gained many insights and created a guide with six tips to maintain positive relationships with my employees as a leader. Below are those things I wish I knew about recognition as a first-time manager:

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