2022: Highlights from the Year
Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Wed, Dec 21, 2022 @ 02:00 PM

Throughout 2022, new business and workplace challenges emerged unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. To help combat some of these new demands, we created resources for HR practitioners to utilize and enhance their recruiting, onboarding, engagement and recognition strategies.

Below we have curated our most popular blogs, eBook and conversation series content from this year for you to enjoy!


Organizations Need the Presence of their Leaders– One thing that no one expected in all the working arrangements - hybrid, remote or in-person- has emerged… employees missed seeing their senior and executive leaders.

Onboarding with Impact– The awareness of career options and experience during the hiring process has made candidates more aware of what’s available. And as a result, HR leaders must create preboarding and onboarding experiences that set the tone for the employee’s career experience with your company.


Six Ways to Make Remote Recognition More Meaningful– One of the consequences of remote work is that people feel a loss of connection. Although scheduled Zoom meetings and weekly calls continue to be routine, there are often fewer opportunities for personal interaction between managers and employees in a virtual work environment.

Conversation Series

We discussed employee recognition program trends in theTrends in Employee Rewards and Recognition Programsconversation with our SVP of professional services, Emily Gatton. Including how to improve the employee experience in a hybrid work environment and promote your programs to encourage participation.

While 2022 was unlike any other year the working world has experienced, there has been good to emerge from the chaos. Employees have come together to celebrate, appreciate and recognize their coworkers. Managers have realized how important their leadership is to their teams and why it helps create a better employee experience. We hope you continue to enjoy our content and that 2023 brings an opportunity to stabilize, realign and outperform!

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