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Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Thu, Oct 13, 2022 @ 12:00 PM

The onboarding and preboarding experiences have become essential in hiring and retaining employees. Due to the influx of open jobs, candidates have more options than they can dream of. And a poor onboarding experience can leave a new employee questioning their choice and quickly looking for employment elsewhere.

In July, we wrote a similar post on the Seven Steps to Onboarding Success and more recently, our president of recruitment solutions, Darren Findley, presented a session during the CandE’s Virtual Conference, which shares a revised version of the steps in the blog to consider and how to onboard with impact.

1. Engage with new hires before day one

The candidate experience begins before day one. This means managers and organizations must create preboarding experiences motivating new hires. Schedule a check-in call before they start to answer questions and let them know what to expect. Also, send them a photo of a team meeting with the message “we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!” or “welcome to the team!”

2. Send a welcome gift right after offer acceptance

More than two-thirds of candidates say that receiving a gift from an employer during the application process would influence their acceptance decisions. Make each new hire feel welcome with a branded welcome gift after offer acceptance. It doesn’t need to be much, but it can be company swag such as a water bottle, pen, journal, or anything that makes them feel welcome.

3. Set expectations with a well-organized onboarding plan

According to our 2022 Job Seeker Survey Report, 74% of job seekers say that the first day of their onboarding experience will affect their decision to stay more than a month. Discuss with the new hire the plan - whether it’s a spreadsheet of their days, but don’t overcomplicate it! They’ll still be learning and adjusting, so leave ample time to explore files, procedures, or in the event they have any questions. A well-organized onboarding experience is essential in motivating and retaining new hires.

4. Plan ahead for day one: equipment, email setup & access

Nothing creates a more frustrating first-day experience than waiting for devices and access. Work with internal teams ahead of time to ensure all devices, email access and other essential tools are ready on day one.

5. Day one: schedule & follow up on meetings with teammates

Share onboarding plans with other teammates to include them in scheduling meetings as part of the orientation and onboarding process. They are not required but ask to have them as optional on invitations. After the meetings, follow up with the team to find out how they went.

6. Make time for social connections on day one

Help team members get acquainted. Connect new staff members with their peers by introducing one another in fun ways at their first in-person or online meeting to start a social network. Do this with coworkers the new hire will interact with frequently, giving them a head start on conversations and making connections.

7. Buddy system: pair new hires with experienced employees

Changing jobs is difficult, no matter how much experience one has. Allow the new hires to learn the ropes and navigate a new work environment by pairing them with an experienced employee. When choosing whom to pair up with, ensure that the current employees you choose have the time and motivation to help facilitate positive experiences for new hires.

8. Help new hires use your recognition platform

Make recognition real. Show new hires how to use your recognition programs and invite them to thank someone who made them feel welcome and included by sending an eCard or recognition message. In addition, have the peers that the new hire met with send welcome eCards as well. That will help boost the employee experience by feeling valued from the very beginning.

Candidates have a greater awareness of their career options and experience during the hiring process. As a result, HR leaders must create preboarding and onboarding experiences that set the tone for the employee’s career experience with your company.

Click here to watch Darren’s presentation from the Talent Board virtual conference.

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