Why HR Influencers Are Buzzing About Experience Platforms
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Fri, Apr 24, 2020 @ 01:00 PM

If you have attended an HR tech conference or if you follow HR influencers, then you know that the technology used to interact with employees and manage data is evolving faster than many organizations can keep up.

In addition to changes in individual functionalities like recruiting and performance management, we’re also seeing a shift in the nature of software platforms used to support HR from the ground up.

For example, this quote comes from the keynote at the 2020 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas: “We’re not building software for HR anymore—we’re building it for employees. If employees don’t find it useful, if it doesn’t fit into ‘the flow of work,’ then it’s not going to be used.”

In addition, A recent survey from Gartner of 5,000 employees finds that 56% agree with this statement: “I expect to have the same quality experience at work as I do as a customer.”

Known as experience platforms, these new tools integrate multiple systems or apps to give employees a seamless, user-friendly experience from end to end.

But what exactly is an experience platform? Well, here at Engage2Excel, we call ours The Career Experience Suite (CXS). You can use one or all of the experience modules to recruit, onboard, recognize, develop managers or survey employees – seamlessly.

But many HR software platforms have these types of integration apps, and many of them do more than just send cards. Check your current system for capabilities like:

  • Social recognition
  • Recognition apps
  • Gamification programs
  • Tools to monitor engagement analytics
  • Digital learning platforms
  • Goal tracking and reward systems


As you choose technology resources, keep the broader vision of integrated experience platforms in view. Ultimately, you want a platform that provides users with everything they need to stay engaged and productive in their work.


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