What We’re Thankful For
Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Fri, Nov 19, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

We have entered the season of giving thanks. For many, if not all, this time of year is where people begin to feel overwhelmed, but also when we all tend to look back on the year. Whether it's due to work or personal obligations, there's no doubt a lot is going on. It doesn't help that the past two years have felt like we are in a never-ending loop. So, taking the time to reflect and think about the things you're thankful for will only put you in a good mood and in good spirits.

While we're in the business of giving thanks and providing recognition, we wanted to share what some of our executive team said they're thankful for.

“I am thankful for the great blessings of the people that are such an important part of my life. My family, my friends, my E2E Group teammates… they are all so important to me. As I express my gratitude, I know that I must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – Mike Donnelly

“This year I’m most thankful for my health and wish continued good health for my friends, colleagues, and loved ones. While several people in my life have tested positive for COVID-19, I’m thankful to have everyone around me currently healthy and safe.” – Jeff Gelinas

“I am thankful that out of the negative that is COVID, I have been able to focus hours each day on coaching and watching my children’s youth sports, that I would otherwise have spent commuting.” – Luke Jones

“I am extremely thankful that my family, friends and co-workers are healthy. If I take one thing from the past year, it is how thankful I am for being able to spend more quality time with my children.” – Stacey Wilson

“This year I am grateful for a lot of things in my life. The first would be to have a great team that supports me in my daily work. They don't hesitate to roll up their sleeves so that we can achieve our goals! I am also grateful to have a family that supports me no matter what and let's not forget my cats with their unconditional love. Most importantly, I am grateful to see that everyone I love is healthy! It's probably the most precious thing we should all be thankful for!” – Isabelle Lavigne

At Engage2Excel, we can say we’re thankful to have a team that continues to support and recognize one another, all while navigating through this crazy time! And we can’t forget our clients whom, without them, we wouldn’t be here.

What are you thankful for?

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