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Posted by Justine Peters on Wed, Jan 25, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

Looking for a new job in today’s market requires technological and networking skills like never before. Knowing that 60% of jobs are found through networking, 77% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn and other job search engines to find talent. To top it off, 75% of resumes get rejected even before they make it to the hiring manager. Candidates are using social media to build a profile while using their profile page as an opportunity to make a visual resume. They’re also connecting with other working professionals in the desired field and growing networking connections. This is the current state of today’s job search environment. 

The days of submitting a resume and waiting are no more. A cover letter, portfolio, and including targeted keywords to align with the job post are now part of the process, and in some cases, no resume and a LinkedIn profile are all you need! All this work is in hopes of triggering the algorithm in your favor, as it is not just you, but hundreds of people saying ‘pick me’ to the same employer.  

While recently running through the rat race of submitting job applications, I found myself doing the same dance mentioned above and, fortunately, accepting a position at Engage2Excel. I thought I would share a brief summary of what I have experienced.   

Doing all my research online and preparing myself, I had a warm interaction during the interview process that I had never experienced anywhere else. With questions about my experience, I confidently shared the skills I have acquired over the past couple of years. I asked questions about the expectations, the direction of the company and hopes for the department in the foreseeable future. I was pleasantly surprised by my excitement seeing the future of the company and the value I could add. The three-part interview ended with an offer letter and signature of acceptance. 

Before I even started, I was surprised with a welcome box shipped to my door containing company swag and a thoughtful message. My first day on the job came with a thorough onboarding process with HR. We went through setting me up for my first day, along with sending and receiving your typical documents. Also, the company’s history, values, and expectations were shared in an engaging presentation.  

Next was connecting with my department lead from the hiring process and meeting my team. I received a schedule for the week that included training, self-learning and tasks. Breaking the ice played a key role in my first team meeting – they made getting to know each other fun, and it helped us connect immediately! As I received resource materials, I was walked through every process, shown where I could find what I may need and offered tips to keep myself organized and connected with the rest of the team. Expectations were set, communicated and feedback was given. I was asked about my learning style and it was very understanding and encouraging to be trusted when it comes to independent learning. Check-ins happened every day, and tasks were assigned with assistance and instructions. 

What is enlightening is that this experience continued after the first week. My leader continues regular check-ins, assigns me new projects as I build my skills and absorb the knowledge needed to execute them, and continues to include me in all efforts - making me included and a contributor from the beginning. 

The team provided a smooth and warm onboarding adding to the enthusiasm and energy I bring daily. The nature of the work is expected, and challenges are natural, but having a team that sets the tone for a kind and teachable environment is the balance many working-class people long for. 

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