Surprise and Delight During Preboarding Drives Retention
Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Thu, Nov 10, 2022 @ 02:00 PM

Darren Findley, president of recruitment solutions at Engage2Excel, spoke at the 2022 CandE Awards & TalentNet Live Conference last week with one of our clients, a Senior Director, HRBP, for NA Ops & Supply for a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, frames and sunglasses. Their discussion was focused on how creating great candidate experiences impacts recruiting efficiency.

A partnership that began in early 2020 for a small pilot of 300 hires and full end-to-end RPO was paused partially through the year due to covid and ramped back up in August of the same year. Since the ramp-up, it brought 3000+ lab and distribution centers hires over the past 2.5 years.

The client’s challenges included highly competitive labor markets, high wage sensitivity, extremely high new hire no-show rates and early attrition (first 90 days) at 16-17%. To combat their challenges, the Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions (E2ERS) team came up with easy-to-implement solutions to yield great results. The solutions included the Retention Study, Onboarding Accelerators and Recruiter Effectiveness Survey.

Retention Study

The Retention Study differentiates the “who” of lifestyle psycho/demographics traits. Utilizing Priszm segmentation enabled E2ERS to deliver a more precisely targeted sourcing and recognition strategy to attract and retain the most qualified talent pool that was based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, a consultative approach, and providing recommendations on how to improve their process.

RESULT: One location implemented significant changes based on the study to focus on the employee experience driving their Glassdoor Rating to 4.2%, a 68% increase.

Onboarding Accelerators

Aside from the typical onboarding paperwork, to improve the new hire experience, welcome kits were sent to all new employees’ homes or offices before their first day. E2ERS’s research has shown that 71% of employees state that their total onboarding experience impacts their decision to stay at an organization for more than a year.

RESULT: For every new hire that leaves in the first 90 days, this was costing the client approximately $4,500 per employee. With the implementation of the program there was a reduction in new hire turnover within the first 90 days from 11.8% to 6.8%, a 42% improvement. A business saving of $504K.

Recruiter Effectiveness Survey

Regardless of if the candidate was hired or not, a brief survey was sent to candidates asking for feedback on how effective their recruiter was during the process. This provided a baseline for the client to quickly make changes if needed.

RESULTS: The average recruiter effectiveness score was 95% - demonstrating that the recruiters effectively managed the candidate experience and process.

The overall business impact of implementing the E2ERS solutions was a 67% increase in the first-day show rate, making the first-day show rate less than 1%. A 42% decrease in the first 90-day turnover.

Organizations need to ensure their current hiring strategy is aligned and delivering results in a volatile employment market. If your organization is looking to improve the candidate experience and retention strategy, Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions can help – click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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