Special Report: A guide to planning for what’s next
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Tue, Sep 21, 2021 @ 12:00 PM

Transforming_Recruitment_blogPresident Biden’s September 9 announcement of a national vaccination mandate took the country by surprise. While many uncertainties exist and legal challenges are inevitable, all organizations with 100 or more employees need to begin preparing for how they will comply. Preparing for the Vaccine Mandate provides an overview of the steps your organization needs to consider to avoid confusion and disruption on your road to recovery from the pandemic.

Topics covered in this report include:

  • What do you need to know about vaccine mandates?

  • How will you manage compliance and logistics for returning to the office? What do we know about the Delta variant of COVID-19?

  • How are business and trade organizations responding to the vaccine mandate? What concerns have kept people from getting vaccinated?

  • How can your organization create safer indoor workplace environments?

  • What do employees want most and least from managers during the pandemic?

  • Recognizing positive behaviors for participation in your COVID-19 program.


This report contains questions, insights, recommendations and resources for consideration in the development of programs to prepare for the soon-to-be-released Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The content in this report is neither exhaustive nor comprehensive and does not represent a substitute for legal advice. We recommend that all programs and policies developed for ETS compliance be reviewed by a legal professional prior to implementation.

Topics: Employee Engagement

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