Overcoming Manager Disengagement
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, Mar 22, 2023 @ 12:00 PM


E2E_TR_Manager Disengagement cover BlogIn the post-pandemic work environment, manager disengagement has become a growing problem that impacts companies of every size in every industry. It can harm employee engagement, voluntary turnover, team cohesion and performance. In our latest eBook, What Can You Do About Managers Disengagement, Dr. Jack Wiley, Engage2Excel’s chief scientific officer, presents original research and guidance on how organizations can better understand, address and overcome manager disengagement.

Background: An award-winning organizational psychologist, researcher and leadership consultant, Dr. Wiley has over 30 years of experience studying what employees most want and the organizational design factors that best promote business success.

In his latest book, “The Employee-Centric Manager,” Dr. Wiley presents eight keys to effective people management based on a decade of research that reveals what 80,000 employees in 27 countries most want from managers. The book’s popularity led Dr. Wiley to develop a comprehensive, scalable solution for organizations to use in assessing, training and improving employee-centric management skills. 


Download this must-read report to learn:

  • How Managers Influence Employee Engagement
  • Behaviors of Disengaged Managers
  • Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Realities
  • A Pragmatic Solution for  Overcoming Manager Disengagement
    • What Drives Manager Engagement?
    • Employee-Centric Manager Upward Feedback Survey
    • Employee-Centric Manager Training Program


The ideas and recommendations in our latest report are based on a roundtable discussion held on February 15, 2022. Contributors included Dr. Jack Wiley, Chief Scientific Officer, Engage2Excel; Jeff Gelinas, President of Engage2Excel; and the following members of the Trendicators Advisory Board.

Donna Connor
Senior Advisor, Volunteer Workforce

Joseph Forquer
Director, Teammate Engagement
Atrium Health

Tom Pappas 
Corporate Support 
Pappas Restaurants

Amy Parrent
Head of Global Mobility & Recognition Strategy

Kim Reynolds 
VP, People & Organizations 
Bell and Howell

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