Building an Employee-Centric Brand
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, Dec 13, 2023 @ 12:00 PM


Building_Employee-Centric_Brand_Cover_BlogChanges in today’s workforce attitudes require a reassessment of strategies for engaging employees and candidates. In our latest eBook, Building an Employee-Centric Brand, we present a guide for organizations that are either reevaluating or just getting started on building branding programs to create closer connections with candidates and employees in today’s challenging talent marketplace.

Traditional employer branding campaigns may need to be updated to address current perceptions, preferences and workplace realities. Employee branding, the practice of sharing real-life stories about life as an employee inside your organization, is playing an increasingly important role in supporting talent acquisition and retention strategies in today’s war for talent. Employee recognition programs provide an ongoing source of input and inspiration for employer and employee branding campaigns.

The information presented in our latest eBook is based on a recent roundtable session with members of the Trendicators Advisory Board, the research division of the Engage2Excel group of companies. At this session, Jeff Gelinas, president of Engage2Excel, and Darren Findley, president of Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions, shared branding definitions, provided insights and examples of best practices and gathered feedback from board members on their HR branding programs, challenges and opportunities.


Special thanks to the following members of the Trendicators Advisory Board who provided guidance to help shape the contents of this report.

Donna Connor 
Advisor, Volunteer Workforce 

Joseph Forquer 
Director, Teammate Experience 
Atrium Health

Amy Parrent
Head of Global Mobility & Recognition Strategy

Tom Pappas 
Corporate Support 
Pappas Restaurants

Jean Delbridge 
Vice President, HR 
Renal Care 360°

Lisa Esparza 
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Nakesha Lopez
Chief Human Resources Officer
Baylor Scott & White Health

Shelley Zajic 
Chief People Officer 
Collective Investments

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