6 Simple Ways You Can Engage and Motivate Your Team

Posted by Melissa Meunier on Tue, Sep 02, 2014 @ 10:34 AM

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Most leaders know that employees who are motivated and engaged tend to drive productivity, right?  But how do you keep the energy up on your team? From perks like free lunches to flexible work schedules, HR departments and companies are trying to keep employees any way they can. While those perks have their place, they aren’t always what engages and motivates people.

Leaders have a large stake in the engagement and motivation of their people. These six simple reminders can help anyone increase morale and keep engagement at its peak.

  • 1. Management Style – each employee needs to be managed differently.  It’s important to recognize when they need to be managed closely and when they need to spread their wings without an overbearing supervisor. 
  • 2. Being Realistic –Why create goals or set a deadline your employee will never reach?  The employee who fails will be less likely to try again.  If you set challenging yet achievable goals, your team will be more likely to be on board and get the job done. 
  • 3. Setting Expectations – Managers who set clear expectations have employees who know exactly what is expected of them.  Being vague, showing favoritism or even applying the “do this or else” attitude will demotivate your team quickly.
  • 4. Follow Up – When you ask employees for ideas, feedback or their help, give them an update or let them know the outcome of the information they supplied. Not following up delivers the wrong message - their ideas really didn’t matter and you lack respect for them. Acknowledging the results shows employees they are important and you value them.
  • 5. Confidential Feedback - Providing feedback around peers will almost never solicit a positive response. Who wants to be singled out in front of their coworkers for making a mistake? Scheduling time or even pulling the employee aside in a quiet location to provide feedback can leave the employee’s pride intact. 
  • 6. Giving Praise – Forgetting to thank someone for their effort, a good job, or participation in a project can certainly make an employee question why they worked so hard in the first place. A little recognition goes a long way - a high five, ‘great job’ email, eCard or praise in a team meeting can make an employee feel that their work and contribution was valued. 

The old saying “Employees leave managers, not companies,” is true. How a leader manages their team can have a significant and lasting impact on the employee, turnover and the company’s bottom line. Engaged and motivated employees learn, grow and display strong leadership skills, even becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

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