A Year in Review: 2021’s Hottest Topics
Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Fri, Dec 10, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

January 1, 2021. We were entering the New Year, and we thought many of the problems from the previous one would finally come to a halt. Little did we know, this wasn't the case. The world of work evolved in front of us - from work from home scenarios to record unemployment rates and job quits, we were presented with many challenges.

As we look to close out the year, we reflect on a few hot topics that came up with the eBooks we wrote about those subjects! 

The Great Resignation.

We've heard this term for months now, and we don't believe it will be going away anytime soon. With a total of 21.7 million people quitting their jobs in the U.S. through the first six months of 2021, there's no doubt we have an issue with retaining talent and finding and hiring new employees, while our neighbors to the North are not experiencing the same high quit rate. In the Job Seekers Report, we share reasons as to why candidates look for new jobs, reject or accept job offers and helpful tips companies can use to help retain their great employees.

Employee Recognition.

As we entered the first full year of the pandemic, recognition and rewards programs became key in acknowledging remote, in-office, or hybrid teams, including frontline workers that never stopped. Whether providing recognition was in the form of an eCard, email, text, or in person, the uptick in using these programs has increased 12.8% annually since 2018. Revitalizing Recognition, our Trendicators research eBook presents four categories that we call the 4 C's of Effective Recognition. These categories combine what innovators are doing to revitalize their recognition programs along with best practice recommendations.

The Role of Managers.

We know that employees are the backbone of any organization, and employees leave bad managers. Due to the pandemic, teams have become more distant than ever before. In a virtual workplace, what managers say and how they say it becomes a vital tool for influencing employee perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. As the ups and downs of the pandemic continue to affect the workforce, employees everywhere need to hear that their contributions are valued. Virtual interactions are still one of the primary forms of engagement between many workers and their managers, meaningful affirmations that were once conveyed face-to-face are delivered online. What managers say and how they say it matters now more than ever. In our eBook, The Sound of Leadership, we present insights and expert advice on how managers can use verbal interactions to improve employee engagement and their sense of appreciation, purpose and belonging.

As we begin to close the door on another year that has presented organizations with many challenges and changes, we hope 2022 brings us a little more normalcy - even if it is a "new" normal!

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