Unleash the Power of Performance Recognition
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Tue, Jun 20, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

E2E_EB_PerformanceRecognitionEB11V1BlogCoverThumbVertical.pngLooking for a way to help drive measurable business results within your organization? Look no further than your senior leadership team’s top priorities.

How to Drive Results with Performance Recognition presents a framework for building programs that help get managers and employees on the same page to achieve high-priority business objectives.


Performance recognition is the process of influencing discretionary effort and behavior with recognition and rewards to improve defined business outcomes.

This eBook offers insights on:

  • How and why performance recognition works

  • Criteria for performance recognition success

  • Examples of performance recognition programs

  • Platform requirements for program success

  • Measuring your performance recognition outcomes

Unlike conventional employee recognition programs that focus on values or length of service, performance recognition targets specific behaviors associated with high-priority initiatives for change.

Recognizing and rewarding behavior change: Where is your organization trying to influence the discretionary effort of employees to achieve important business objectives? Improving productivity, enhancing workplace safety, accelerating the digitization of business process—these are just a few examples of how organizations are using performance recognition to provide the contextual feedback and incentive that employees want.

Targeted performance recognition programs, which use points-based rewards systems, provide a flexible and scalable way to integrate agile and continuous reinforcement into daily operations. As a result, points-based rewards systems have increased in utilization by over 50% from 2014 to 2106.1


For more information: Our engagement experts here at Engage2Excel can help you design, implement and manage performance recognition programs that drive measurable outcomes. To schedule a discovery call, click here.

1 8th annual “Wellness in the Workplace” study by Optum

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