The Value of Employee Holiday Gifting
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Fri, Oct 08, 2021 @ 01:00 PM

Your employees work hard all year long to meet and exceed the strategic goals of your organization. Their dedication deserves a celebration, and while recognition all year long is best, the holiday season is the perfect time to commend your employee's commitment to the organization.

While we're still a few months away from the official "giving season," it's never too early to get a head start on your employee holiday gifts! Especially considering there is a high chance of supplier and shipping delays occurring as well. If you wait any longer, you can risk that the gifts you were expecting to arrive a week early could come a few weeks late.

Now is the time to create a carefully planned and well-executed Employee Holiday Gifting strategy that will provide the necessary employee morale boost. A well-thought-out strategy is critically important as we coast into yet another year of the pandemic. 

Throughout history, gifts have been given to express appreciation, demonstrate respect, build relationships and affirm loyalty. A gift also requires no immediate obligation from the recipient, and we are sure to put a smile on their faces.

Corporate gift giving can be an enormous challenge. You may know exactly what a family member or friend wants for the holidays or their birthday, but it is more difficult to know exactly what to give an employee as a gift.

There are three secrets you can use to increase the value of your holiday gifting to make your corporate gifting strategy successful:

1. Make It Memorable.

How you offer a gift can be as important as the gift itself. It is best to present gifts in person. But if that is not feasible, make the gifting process simple, intuitive, and special for the recipient. Make sure packaging ties your company to the gift and stands out from daily packages that might arrive. Using tissue paper in the packaging can make the delivery feel festive without gift wrapping the item.

2. Make It Last.

Durable items extend the emotional connection with the giver over time. While recipients may appreciate a gift of food, it will likely only be remembered for a short time. Providing a more durable item will remind them of the giver each time they use it.

3. Make It Something They Want.

Make holiday gifting memorable for your employees, from sweets to company swag or the latest trendy and practical items. This holiday, celebrate and thank your employees for all they've done throughout the year with the gift options they want. 

An employee receiving an unexpected holiday gift can improve their perception of the company. The employee may feel that the company invest in them, which can increase their loyalty and longevity with the organization. According to our research, 18% of people say lack of recognition, appreciation and respect will cause them to seek employment elsewhere. With the challenges the past two years have brought, getting a head start on the gifting process is a great idea. Providing recognition and appreciation during the time of remote, hybrid or in-office working has always been important. But, now add in the second year of the holiday season separation; gifts will be sure to bring your team and employees together. 

We have created a handy guide that can be used and shared among teams when considering holiday gifting. Download the guide here.

If you're interested in seeing what is available for holiday gifting ideas, contact us! We can help come up with the best options for your employees.

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