Posted by Melissa Meunier on Tue, Jan 26, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

post_img_1.jpgFor most managers and supervisors your day is filled with tasks and deadlines, not to mention overseeing employees and their jobs. So, when your company tells you that you need to recognize your employees on top of what you’re already doing, I suspect you may want to say “You want me to do what?”

Why should you recognize your employees? Well, I could say you’d be crazy not too, but that probably doesn’t help. In reality, nothing is more powerful than recognizing employees for their positive actions. It’s simply what employees want. By recognizing employees for exceptional performance – whether it is going the extra mile or for helping without being asked – you reinforce positive behaviors that link back to your company’s mission, vision, and values.

Knowing that recognition has a positive impact, how do you incorporate it into your daily routine? First, you need to know what to look for. As your employees are whizzing by you and tackling their jobs, are they displaying positive behaviors or going above and beyond in their role? Those are the moments you’re looking for and the ones you want to take the time to acknowledge.

Yes, it can be overwhelming for someone not accustomed to recognizing during his or her workday. I don’t expect every person to run right out of the gate and start recognizing. However, my advice is to set attainable goals. Start with acknowledging at least once a day (it could even take place before the day begins in a group setting). Then progress to two times a day and so on. Before you know it recognition will become part of your workday.

Personally, I know what it’s like to be caught up in all the day-to-day “stuff” and then have to think about recognizing people. It does take time out of the day, but stopping to recognize an employees’ performance has a lasting impact. They are there with you in the trenches, helping you achieve your shared goals and they deserve a little recognition for the hard job they are doing.

Adopting recognition into your daily routine won’t happen overnight, but I can tell you from experience that you will have happier employees that want to come to work and do a good job. Not because they have to, but because they know you appreciate, value and respect them enough to acknowledge them for their work.


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