The 2023 Job Seeker Survey Report
Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Thu, Aug 31, 2023 @ 05:30 PM

Over the past four years, Engage2Excel has been conducting the Job Seeker Survey Report, which analyzes the perceptions and preferences of active and passive candidates across all major industries. With our data collection, we divided the report into two eBooks, one focusing on Recruitment and the other on Recognition.

The survey data overlaps the early career experience – from the hiring process through the onboarding experience and beyond – finding 31% of candidates stating Recognition, Appreciation and Respect are the top 3 reasons for accepting a job offer. In addition, 70% say that the onboarding experience on the first day will affect their decision to stay over a month.

Most notably the survey report revealed some interesting insights:

Side Gigs

How is the highest inflation rate in 40 years affecting working adults? Many of our survey respondents (44%) report working multiple jobs to make ends meet. This aligns with the results of a 2022 survey reported by CNBC from Insuranks, a small business insurance marketplace. Our data, however, contrasts significantly with other surveys and government employment statistics, which estimate the percentage to be between 5% and 10%. Most of our respondents (81%) report that their full-time employers know of their extra jobs, and nearly half (45%) devote 10 to 20 hours a week to their side gigs.

The Recruitment Process

Within the survey, we asked what candidates thought about the recruitment process and their results should come as no surprise. When asked, what matters most to you in the application process? 56% of candidates stated they want it easy and straightforward. This is because when applying for jobs, they’re applying to many at once. In addition, our survey revealed that 97% of passive candidates are willing to learn about a new opportunity. That is an increase from 2022, which stated 89% were willing.

The Demonstration of Recognition

The historical data underscore the demonstration of recognition, appreciation and respect, which is why people accept or reject job offers and seek employment elsewhere. While the pandemic profoundly affected many aspects of the workplace experience, one thing hasn’t changed. People place a high value on the recognition they receive at work. As many struggle with high inflation, layoffs in the technology and other sectors, remote work policies and uncertainty over social issues, the connections formed at work and the sense of feeling valued by an employer play a vital role in determining emotional well-being and their willingness to stay.

Organizations seeking to attract and retain the best-qualified talent must break down the barriers between recruitment and retention. Creating personal connections in the hiring process and ensuring competitive wages must be followed by getting people into roles where they feel secure, productive and valued. To read more about what Job Seekers want and how recognition plays a part early on, download our eBooks below.


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