Optimize Recruiting, Onboarding and Recognition for 2023 & Beyond
Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, Dec 07, 2022 @ 12:00 PM


E2E_TR_Overcoming_Talent_Challenges_cover_BlogFaced with continued low unemployment, wage growth and unprecedented talent acquisition and retention challenges, HR leaders will be forced to do more with less in 2023. Our latest eBook, Overcoming Talent Challenges on the Road Ahead, provides expert advice on how to optimize recruiting, preboarding, onboarding, employee engagement and employee recognition programs.


This Trendicators best practices report provides practical insights from Engage2Excel subject matter experts on the following topics:

Finding and Keeping Top Talent

  • Why demographics will replace economics as the dominant force driving labor market trends
  • Today’s top HR technology challenges that affect recruitment
  • Trends in technology-enabled engagement
  • Challenges for hiring managers
  • Ideas for improving hiring manager effectiveness

Creating Better Experiences for New Hires

  • The difference between preboarding and onboarding
  • How first experiences influence retention
  • Key onboarding technology capabilities
  • Ideas for improving preboarding and onboarding effectiveness

Keeping Stressed-Out Teammates Engaged

  • Enlisting manager support in employee profile completion
  • Educating teammates on how to make peer recognition more meaningful
  • Helping managers become more effective at recognition
  • Enhancing managers’ recognition skills through analytics and microlearning

Optimizing Recognition Programs

  • Creating stronger emotional connections through appreciation programs
  • Incentivizing profile completion
  • Sending monthly bit-sized recognition tips to managers
  • Maximizing the “dopamine effect” of recognition experiences


The ideas and recommendations in our latest report are based on a roundtable discussion held on November 8, 2022. Contributors included Jeff Gelinas, President of Engage2Excel; Darren Findley, President of Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions; Roy Saunderson, Engage2Excel’s Chief Learning Officer; Emily Gatton, Engage2Excel’s SVP, Professional Services and the following members of the Trendicators Advisory Board.

Donna Connor
Advisor, Volunteer Workforce

Jean Delbridge
Senior Vice President, HR
Primeritus Financial Services

Lisa Esparza
Chief Human Resources Officer 

Joseph Forquer
Director, Enterprise Teammate Recognition
Atrium Health

Lisa Kraska
Vice President, Talent Acquisition
P3 Health Partners

Amy Parrent
Head of Global Mobility & Recognition Strategy

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