Maximizing the Value of Holiday Hires
Posted by Justine Peters on Thu, Jan 18, 2024 @ 01:30 PM


Now that the holiday season has ended, many companies face the question of what to do with their temporary holiday hires. While some employees are only there for the season and are aware of this, organizations may have others eager to stay on long-term. The strategic management of these employees can greatly impact organizational success and employee satisfaction, making your approach to seasonal staffing an important one.  

We explore four ways HR professionals can maximize the value of holiday hires beyond the festive season. 

1. Recognize standout performers - Consider offering permanent or extended employment to those who have excelled in their temp position. Recognizing and retaining talent acquired during the holiday season can contribute to a more skilled and engaged workforce. 

2. Constructive feedback - Whether seasonal staff will transition to permanent roles or not, feedback aids in individual development but also positions your organization as one that values continuous improvement. Invest in the growth of your holiday hires by providing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and increase their value to the company over time, especially if you keep them beyond the season.

3. Thorough performance evaluations - Begin identifying individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication and alignment with company values throughout the season. These assessments form the basis for decisions on whether to extend employment beyond the holiday period.

4. Build a Talent Pipeline - Established holiday hires who may not be suitable for immediate permanent positions but exhibit potential are a great source to keep in touch – they already know the ropes. Keeping these individuals in your talent pipeline creates a valuable resource for future hiring needs. Be clear with holiday hires about the company's intentions and timelines for retaining or releasing temporary employees. This helps manage expectations and fosters a positive employer brand.

Effectively managing holiday hires beyond the season requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. By evaluating performance, offering permanent positions, maintaining open communication and investing in development, HR professionals can turn seasonal hires into long-term assets for the organization. This not only benefits the company's bottom line but also contributes to a positive employer brand and employee satisfaction. 

Remember, the end of the holidays doesn't have to mean the end of valuable talent acquisition. With the right strategies in place, every organization can build a more resilient and skilled workforce year-round. 

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