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We are excited to announce today that Decision Toolbox, a leading provider of recruitment solutions, is now part of the Engage2Excel family of companies. This announcement represents an important next step in our strategy to help organizations attract, hire, motivate and retain highly engaged employees. The acquisition complements our existing HR solutions for employee recognition and surveys and significantly expands the capabilities of our Talent Acquisition division, launched in July.

The past year has brought many exciting new changes at Engage2Excel. In this post, we will recap some of these developments and explain how they fit into the larger picture of our company’s evolution and our ability to create greater value for clients.

Charting a New Course

Last year, when we changed our company name from TharpeRobbins to Engage2Excel, it was part of a bold vision for using research and analytics to help clients measure, manage and improve engagement and performance. Under the direction of CEO Phil Stewart, who previously served as president of IBM Kenexa’s RPO division, we set out to fundamentally redefine our core business, employee recognition, to help organizations make smarter HR investments. 

Expanding Our Capabilities to Include Engagement Surveys

The first step in our evolution was adding engagement surveys to our industry-leading employee recognition solutions. Based on three decades of research by Dr. Jack Wiley, our surveys help organizations better understand what employees really want through seven lenses summarized by the acronym, RESPECT ­– Recognition, Exciting Work, Security, Pay, Education & Career Growth, Conditions, and Truth.

Why does understanding what employees really want matter more now than ever before? The answer is quite simple. Success today for any organization is determined by the discretionary effort of individual employees. Adding world-class engagement survey capabilities has enabled us to give leaders unique insights for improving discretionary effort, and it has given us powerful tools for targeting employee recognition programs to improve performance and bottom-line results.

Enabling Talent Acquisition

The next step in executing our strategy, which took some industry observers by surprise, was to expand from helping organizations improve engagement to attracting, hiring and retaining highly engaged talent. Led by recruitment industry veteran Darren Findley, we launched our Talent Acquisition division in July of this year. With Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials now representing the largest segment of the workforce, Darren set out building our platform for improving engagement through each step in the talent acquisition lifecycle, from employment branding and sourcing through selection and onboarding.

Decision Toolbox:  A Perfect Fit

Decision Toolbox, founded in 1992, proved to be the perfect complement to our Talent Acquisition capabilities. A disruptive and agile innovator in the recruitment space, Decision Toolbox has developed (in-house) a revolutionary recruitment productivity platform that astonishes candidates, clients and users with the way it influences every step in the candidate experience to improve hiring success. However, the union of Engage2Excel and Decision Toolbox is about more than just combining our unique capabilities. It is about a new vision for transforming HR’s role in facilitating organizational success.

Kim Shepherd, the outspoken CEO of Decision Toolbox, has become an industry thought leader by challenging convention. She recently observed “the human capital space has been missing the point for a while. Capital is cash, but we’ve been treating human capital like cattle instead of the most important asset in business.”

We could not have said it better, Kim, and proudly welcome you and the entire Decision Toolbox team to Engage2Excel!

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