Celebrate Everyone - Employee Appreciation Day
Posted by Tamika Figaro on Fri, Feb 12, 2021 @ 05:00 PM

On March 5th its time to celebrate your employees. They’ve been with you through one of the most challenging times - adapted their work habits, changed their work environments and balanced home & work life in an entirely new way. Then there are the ‘front-liners,’ those that persevered daily on the frontlines keeping your business moving forward. Celebrate everyone.

While employers have been incredibly grateful for the workforce’s flexibility, Employee Appreciation Day might just be the best day to honor what employees have been through and celebrate the positive that lies ahead. We have some great ideas below to help you celebrate everyone, along with our Engage2Excel Gift Solutions website to help make celebrating easy for you.

Four Ways to Make Employee Appreciation Day Outstanding: (Download the PDF)

    Skip the line of unread emails and send your employees a thank you text or even a video. Have fun, use a GIF or music to add a bit of fun or emotion to the message. This simple act of appreciation will let them know they are valued, and that you're just a message away!

    Let your employees know how important their efforts have been with a personal gift. Transform your remote and on-site employees' workplace into a more comfortable environment with the choice of custom branded swag like a ceramic mug, a cozy throw for the cold days, or even a pair of funny socks.

    Nothing beats a handwritten card and some snail mail! Ask managers to write a short note of thanks and send to each of their employee's homes for those who are remote. For team members working on property, drop off a card to their workstation before they arrive.

    Use corporate social media platforms to share the organizations’ gratitude and thank all employees with a fun, creative post using pictures of employees throughout the organization. Send out a company-wide communication to build excitement and ask for others to participate in the celebration.

While it can be a challenge to celebrate your employees who are remote and/or in a socially distanced work environment, preparation is key. Put the wheels in motion and plan something that shows just how much you appreciate your employees.

DOWNLOAD our fun and detailed Employee Appreciation guide with tips on how you can celebrate all your employees!


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