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Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Fri, November 27, 2020

The relationship between managers and their direct reports has undergone severe stress testing during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, according to a Career Builder survey, 58% of managers have never received training in people management. In turn, HR leaders should not expect that managers are well equipped to support remote employees. 

So, what do managers need to do differently to engage remote workers? Some of the answers can be found below in the four tips:

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Posted by Cathleen Urdi on Fri, November 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many recognition program initiatives. In past years, managers or employees could easily walk up to a peer and give them thanks or recognition for a job well done. Now, for the time being, the opportunity for most in-person recognition doesn't exist. Many managers and employees are now needing to adapt to giving recognition virtually.

Also, employee emotional well-being has been impacted. Not only do they worry about job security and remote challenges, but they are also trying to balance job and personal obligations. Therefore, giving thanks and recognition is more important now than ever before.

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