5 Steps To A Successful Employee Recognition Program

Posted by Melissa Meunier on Fri, Jun 05, 2015 @ 11:00 AM


Designing a program that engages your employees while motivating them to achieve organizational goals and initiatives should not be difficult.

Through experience, we’ve determined the best recognition strategy includes a program design process that is broken out into five phases. These steps provide organizations the opportunity to ensure all necessary program attributes are considered, and the best recognition solution is delivered:

Step 1 - Discovery

A high performing recognition program starts with a collaborative approach. It begins when your recognition provider partners with you and together you work closely to discover more about your organization and its goals. The next step is a plan to take those requirements and make them come to life.

Tip: Ensure your goals and objectives are achievable and measurable to drive the behavior you are looking to achieve from your employees.

Step 2  - Design

Your provider must create a solution that not only represents your organization, but also looks and sounds like it. From using nomenclature that is familiar with your organization to matching the look and feel of the brand, your recognition program should be built for you.

The design phase is the perfect time for award selection. Choosing the right gifts to award employees is a critical piece of the strategy. Today’s employees are not only looking for a gifts meaning and purpose, but a connection.

Tip: A comprehensive review process ensures that all elements of your recognition solution are included. 

Step 3  - Development

The development phase is where each element of your program begins to come together. From specific functionality and communication vehicles to the award catalog layout and marketing campaign details, each piece of the program needs to be analyzed. Confirm all aspects of your recognition program have been included.

Tip: Look at how your provider can support you and your team through system training. Whether you need one-on-one training or a comprehensive tutorial for self-training your leaders, a training solution goes hand-in-hand with your recognition program and needs.

Step 4 - Implementation

Considered the most critical point in the process, this is where all hands must be on deck for your program’s launch day. 

Tip: A go-live checklist designed to cover every aspect of your program requirements is recommended to ensure your program kickoff is launched to drive engagement without missing a step.

Step 5 - Review & Sustain

After your program is up and running, your recognition provider partnership should not end. Periodic business reviews are recommended to evaluate program performance and survey results and include a program report — all with the goal of continuously monitoring program performance and making suggestions for future enhancements.

Tip: Receiving ongoing support after implementation will ensure you have all the tools and resources necessary for your organization and program to succeed.

Getting employee recognition and engagement right is critical for your organization. Designing a recognition program around how you want employees to perform, earn, and receive awards will help them stay engaged while driving the outcomes you require to succeed.


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