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Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, November 1, 2017

More than three-quarters of all U.S. companies recognize employees’ tenure through formal length of service recognition programs. Yet, the question still remains…Do today’s employees still see value in service awards? Find out in What Do Employees Say About Service Awards?, a groundbreaking report based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. employees, representing all major industries and demographic groups.

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Posted by Melissa Meunier on Wed, August 16, 2017

There are few things in the HR world that are easy. You deal with difficult challenges on a daily basis and often don't get the appreciation you deserve.

What if it were easier and more convenient for people in your company to express appreciation? That was the idea that led to the development of GrantMe, the Recognition Chatbot from Engage2Excel.

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5 Steps To A Successful Employee Recognition Program

Posted by Melissa Meunier on Fri, June 5, 2015

Designing a program that engages your employees while motivating them to achieve organizational goals and initiatives should not be difficult.

Through experience, we’ve determined the best recognition strategy includes a program design process that is broken out into five phases. These steps provide organizations the opportunity to ensure all necessary program attributes are considered, and the best recognition solution is delivered:

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