Posted by Dr. Jack Wiley on Thu, January 4, 2024

Assessment, motivation to improve, and following through with on-target development experiences are critical.

In my September column, I shared research results showing that 67 percent of a manager’s overall effectiveness can be explained by how they are rated on the eight attributes that define an employee-centric manager. This means the best pathway for managers seeking to improve their overall effectiveness is to become more employee-centric.

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Posted by Dr. Jack Wiley on Mon, April 24, 2023

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Managers are under increasing pressure to motivate and retain their employees, but are they prepared?

As part of the preparation for writing my most recent book, I surveyed both managers and employees on a range of topics, including the amount of training managers have received, the competence of managers in the eyes of their employees, and how well managers understand what employees most want from them.

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